30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee on the first month of the Wellness Pak Single Canister (less shipping & handling).

Please return the unused portion of the canister to the corporate office at:

Zurvita, Inc.

800 Gessner Road, Suite 110

 Houston, TX 77024

* This does not include the 24 or 36 single serving bottle option.



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    Kris Jenkins

    I purchased the complete Zeal Weight Loss package. It caused me to be diagnosed with Colitis. Sending the unused portion back for a refund. So sad.....

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    Andrew Genialope

    Zurvita does not carry "Zeal Weight Loss Package".
    Colitis is an inflammation of colon.
    Infection is the most common cause.
    Zeal for Life is highly anti-inflammatory product.

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    we sent ours back to the Dallas plant where it was shipped from who we talked to said we could sent it there. was sent yesterday it should arrive on Saturday. The tracking number is 9505 5121 0791 5336 0165 15 sent through local post office. Our id# 10331455. I am on a lot of medication and should not take tis

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    Jorge Rodriguez
    I never received the product return the money
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    I sent you a email stating what we did would appreciate you responding in a timely manner. After all this was mailed back to the Dallas address that it was sent from the person we talked to said that was ok. I mailed it and after a month and a half I thought this was taken care of. The package was delivered on Dec. 4th 2015 and you did not contact me until Jan. 18th 2016. Seems as though you all do not think that customer contact is that important.. As anyone can see as it took you 5 months to respond to Kris Jenkins.
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